A plan for

every goal.



From youth athletes to individuals seeking to improve overall health, CW Total Performance provides services for a wide range of fitness goals. Programs and training are designed with intermittent phases ensuring long term success.



Assessment includes dynamic and static postural assessments, technique coaching, program critiques, and diet consultations. Clients receive detailed, individualized feedback, and if desired, comprehensive programming.

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Personal Training

Train one-on-one with Connor! Your sessions will be designed around personal fitness goals. Each workout will, teach proper movement patterns, focusing on mobility and progress from easy to hard/ simple to complex. Clients will be expected to push themselves mentally and physically!


Hybrid training is a combination of online training programs with 1-on-1 sessions at CW Studio.

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Small Group Training

Train with friends or teammates! Small group training is for groups of 3-5 people with a similar fitness goal. Creating groups of likeminded athletes is a great way to push and motivate each other through each workout session.

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Online Training

Customized online training program for all fitness levels, for working out anywhere, and for use with a variety of exercise equipment.

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