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Injury prevention

Injury prevention is at the heart of all workouts and training programs at CW Total Performance. If a client is injured then they cannot perform. If a client cannot perform than it is impossible to move forward with their fitness goals. That is why injury prevention is the number one priority.


Every client that works with CW will be taken through progressions of movements to ensure proper form and mobility. We will not advance a movement until the body is able to properly perform the new movements. Loading an imbalance and practicing poor form is the quickest way to injury and long term muscle imbalances.


Properly planned training regimens and controlled training volume are key to long term results and success. Leave the Ego at the door. Volume will be controlled throughout each session preventing injury and burnout while and ensuring consistent progress,


Feedback from each client is what will lead to the best results and most successful training programs. If training is not something that the client likes, the client will not be able to sustain those results. Feedback is crucial so we stay on track and have fun throughout our journey.


Since before I can remember, I was the big kid. Weigh-ins for youth football bluntly suggested I was, too big to play with my friends. However, this negative connotation quickly reversed as reached high school. My size designated my position as an offensive lineman. This categorization based on size, carried through high school and I continued playing collegiate football at Hobart College. Suddenly, too big became not big enough. At the end of my freshman year, I was 270lbs and needed to gain more weight if I wanted remain competitive. I was encouraged by coaches to keep my weight up so that I would continue to perform at a high level.

From years of experience as a competitive athlete, I had acquired a depth of knowledge about fitness. I began to question whether my physical form accurately represented my health values. Sure, I was big and strong, but I also felt slow, immobile, and unhealthy. I made the decision to stop playing football and pursue my passion in health. Over the course of four months I lost 80lbs. This lifestyle change has inspired me to pursue a career in helping others with their health and fitness goals.

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